Concrete X-Ray Services

The Concrete Scanning Company provides a specialist trained Concrete X Ray service for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and all parts of Australia.

Concrete Scanning does not use dangerous X-Ray(Radiology) it uses harmless radiowaves to safely provide vital information for engineering needs.

All of our equipment is safe and is maintained and callibrated for precision results. Our technology is all researched, sourced and tested with the aid of Consultant Engineers in Australia, England and Korea to ensure we use the latest designs in GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) for our Concrete Scans. Coupled with high resolution 3D software technology we produce easy to understand, customer friendly Imaging reports. GPR is a non-invasive, non-destructive, safe Concrete X-Ray testing system that promotes reliability and safety prior to necessary penetrations in most environments.

The Concrete Scanning Company can provide imagery and mapping surveys for many applications including the following:

Locating and plotting Rebar & Post tension cabling.

Detection of Live & hidden Power & Mains cables.

Rebar Cover Depth, Slab depth & Size determination.

Structural mapping surveys ( Rebar and Post Tensioned Cables ).

Void Detection in all concrete and concrete filled structures.

Safe accurate entry/Exit point location for proposed coring & drilling.

Pipe Location, Services & Utilities pinpointing.

Locating plastic & metal conduits and Water pipes.

Concrete X Ray

Concrete X-Ray Services