Concrete imaging Services

Our Concrete Scanning equipment will send, collect and process electromagnetic waves turning them in real time into clear, concise Concrete Imaging pictures . The Concrete Scanning Company provides complete and precise Concrete Imaging reports containing all relevant detailed imformation for all engineering requirements.

We provide Consulting Engineers with detailed reports to their exact specifications. These can be provided for testing, inspection or mapping information. Concrete Scanning reports are used where slab pour inspections have been missed as well as for concrete scructures where there are no longer any plans available.

Concrete Imaging will provide a detailed view of the concrete make-up to assist engineers to ascertain the potential load capacity of slabs or columns. If a concrete structure is being added to or expanded Concrete Scanning will give us proven, reliable images of the original set out. This ensures the safety of existing concrete structures.

Benefits of using Concrete Scanning (GPR)

Concrete Scanning is a real-time NDT technique that quickly locates the position of Post Tension Cables, Rebar, and electrical conduits embedded in concrete, eliminating dangers associated with cutting or drilling and the high costs required for their repair if cut or damaged.

Accurate target location within a concrete slab on-grade, wall, or supported slab can be achieved more quickly, safely, and economically with Concrete X-Ray instead of other outdated,existing techniques.

Concrete X-Ray is a safe and less disruptive than destructive testing. Our Concrete X-Ray equipment is safe to use around people without any safety constraints or setup requirements. Because of these features, interruption of operations can be eliminated or minimized.

Concrete Imaging

Concrete X-Ray Services